Metacverse first one Piece card game, shock debut!

In 2021, it seems that the whole world is talking about the metaverse.
“Meta-universe has been the trend of The Times, whether enterprises or market pursuit, are in different ways to embrace it.”As a senior analyst who has observed the Internet industry for many years, Wen Hao believes that from Facebook renamed Meta to ByteDance’s acquisition of Pico, the layout of enterprises and investors’ pursuit has formed a” resonance “, which also reflects the expectations of the secondary market for the next wave of technology.


At any time, the market concept of the yuan-universe is hot, more and more people pay attention to this plate.Everyone wants to profit in the tuyere of the cloud universe, in which metaNFT chain game stands out, metauniverse NFT chain game is a virtual world based on blockchain game closely related to the abstract concept of metauniverse, cloud universe is designed to be the space for the digital world, allowing anyone to socialize in it and profit through virtual experience.


HBIC-One Piece Hero is a set of “metauniverse + NFT card + DeFi + develop / management / competition” encryption chain game, is a decentralized GameFi application developed based on Solidity language, the first BSC chain, based on IP animation and film culture one piece prototype, created a collection of blind box open card, card market transaction, card pledge mining to obtain mining revenue chain metauniverse game, combined with the blockchain NFT game content, cast a valuable NFT card TCG game.


HBIC-One Piece Hero This game is a set card experience value mining game, the higher the experience value, the more digital token of the mining acquisition.Different from other ordinary games, One Piece Hero has added the NFT card elements on the blockchain and the DeFi features, making it a real NFT GameFi, namely the NFT + Game + DeFi concept.And has the value of NFT collection appreciation, and has the playability of Game, but also can earn the increasing D B I C digital token through the DeFi attributes in the game.

Players consume the game digital token to buy a blind box card package, open the card package to randomly obtain the NFT One Piece character card.By upgrading the card, card slot, and joining the fleet system, the overall experience value is used for mining, and the higher the total experience value, the more rewards the mining obtains.


The application layer of HBIC-One Piece Hero is the underlying technical architecture of BSC coin safety chain application ecology. The open source accessible application layer provides technical guarantee for the establishment of global digital currency application ecology. HBIC-One Piece Hero will be the first game application, and more NFT game applications will be developed and connected in the future.
Its feature is holding HBIC dividend FIL currency, HBIC and FIL ecological strong alliance.HBIC will inject effective computing power into the FIL ecology, while FIL will provide technical services to make the computing power DeFi, lowering the storage threshold.The two sides join hands to integrate resources in their respective fields and enable the rapid development of FIL computing power ecology.

essential information
Token name: HBIC
Token type: BSC20
Application public chain: BNB, Polygon
Token contract: 0x2070f18e6391739ecaa2568f3778e08482586fc3