What is the hot HBIC One Piece NFT card exactly?

What is the hot HBIC One Piece NFT card exactly?

From the pursuit of capital, to the technology giants, and then to the A-share market metauniverse concept stocks continue to soar, games, social networking, short videos, etc., the metauniverse concept products emerge in an endless stream.In the eyes of the fans, the meta-universe is a well-deserved “tuyere” this year.

The year 2021 is the year when the metaverse concept has swept the world.In April, ByteDance invested 100 million yuan in Meta Space Concept Company Code Qiankun.In August, ByteDance bought the space giant Pico (Bird Watch) for billions of yuan, officially joining AR.At present, Tencent has applied for more than 20 trademarks, including “King universe”, “Rubik’s Cube universe”, “QQ universe”, “Speed car universe” and so on.In August 2021, “Baidu World 2021VR” was officially opened, and users to see the “Baidu World” composed of countless chips, integrated circuits and mobile data.

HBIC-One Piece Hero is an NFT card + DEFI combined game ecological platform.One Piece Hero technology panorama includes application layer, asset layer, data layer and consensus layer.

essential information
Token name: HBIC
Token type: BSC20
Application public chain: BNB, Polygon
Token contract: 0x2070f18e6391739ecaa2568f3778e08482586fc3

Asset layer
HBIC based on currency intelligent chain, using the creation is in the BSC network open source agreement based on the new chain, users can conduct peer-to-peer currency transactions and instant settlement, and easily convert transaction assets (traditional currency, electronic currency and other forms of assets), as simple as sending email, greatly reduce the inter-bank transfer especially in the process of international transfer risks and fees.

Data Layer
Different from the centralized network mode, each node in the HBIC network has an equal status, each node has the same network power, and there is no centralized server.All nodes share partial computing resources, software, or information content through specific software agreements.

Consensus layer
The decentralized autonomous model DAO adopted by HBIC is determined without the consensus mechanism of trust premise. Smart contract naturally determines and balances the value that depends on actual benefits, providing a secure storage environment and one-stop multi-currency storage management services for digital assets.

Cross-chain logic
The main logic and NFT of HBIC-One Piece hero are deployed on the BSC chain, and the official card cross-chain bridge is later developed for EVM-compatible public chains such as TRX and HECO.Other public chains with excellent processing performance and advantages in GAS fees will also successively open the cross-chain function of assets and cards.

Game engine
The first HBIC-One Piece Hero, was developed through the Unity3D game engine.Unity3D is a multi-platform integrated game development tool developed by UnityTechnologies to easily create interactive content such as 3 D video games, architectural visualization, and real-time 3 D animation. It is a fully integrated professional game engine.Unity is similar to Director, Blender game engine, Virtools, or Torque Game Builder that utilizes an interactive graphical development environment.

Its feature is holding HBIC dividend FIL currency, HBIC and FIL ecological strong alliance.HBIC will inject effective computing power into the FIL ecology, while FIL will provide technical services to make the computing power DeFi, lowering the storage threshold.The two sides join hands to integrate resources in their respective fields and enable the rapid development of FIL computing power ecology.

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