mybuxa-the only legal cryptocurrency platform in the world

mybuxa-the only legal cryptocurrency platform in the world

mybuxa — a platform developed by Wang Qiheng SmartMesh. Founder and Chairman of the International Blockchain Application Alliance, Chairman and CEO of Linktone Technology, Rotating Chairman of the AAMA Blockchain Committee of the Asia Czech Chamber of Commerce, and a world leader in the field of non-network communication and social networking.

Caracalla’s voice
Vice President of Global Engineering
Former Chief Strategy Officer of Berlin/UK European Digital Currency Payment Exchange

Ashton Addison
From 2013 to present, chief market planner, CEO and founder, leader, entrepreneur, blockchain technology enthusiast of

Yao Ming
Vice President of Network R&D D
Yuanhua is the person in charge of the mesh network product series

Maxime Prischepo
Blockchain architect, founder and CEO of Integrity LLC, Motto is the founder and CEO of two innovative IT companies.
mybuxa is located in Singapore and was established on March 15, 1995.